122 Conversations Update!

The excerpt below is from Anne Labovitz’s newsletter this month. She is moving forward with 122 Conversations and dates have been set for most of our sister cities. This is exciting news!

“Plans for 122 Conversations continue! Opening dates have been set for the next three locations: Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan, Växjö, Sweden and Petrozavodsk, Russia (see below). Due to shipping and customs concerns, the exhibition has undergone some very exciting changes. The central pieces are now created using Tyvek (yes, Tyvek!) as it is very light weight and can be transported easily (see large picture above). Discovering new materials, experimenting with them and creating art is a process that thrills and invigorates me. Utilizing this process for 122 Conversations is not only exciting but vital to the success of this unique and treasured project.”