Delegation to Ohara Isumi-City in 2017

Please see the message below from Ohara Isumi-City Committee Chair Gale Kerns:

“I have been in communication with Wakako and the Sister City people in Ohara Isumi-city for several months now, discussing the timing of a delegate visit next year.  Last week she indicated that a visit by a delegation of 10 persons in Late October or early November 2017 would be ideal.  So I would like to start working on that. I am thinking that we would arrive on Day 1, have Days 2 – 7 in Ohara, and leave on Day 8.  That would be the official visit.  Some have suggested that they might want to tour parts of Japan on their own before or after the official visit, and that certainly can be done privately.  There are lots of possibilities. I have spoken with Mayor Larson earlier this summer, and she could not commit to being part of the delegation at that time.  I believe that there will be delegate visits to Sweden and Russia as well in 2017, and the mayor will be invited to go on all three – that will simply not be possible for her. But there will be someone appointed by her in attendance.”

“At this time I would like to know who is interested in being a part of this delegation.  Once we know that we can arrange some meetings to decide how to proceed.  I know it sounds a long ways off, but these arrangements do take time, particularly when we have the additional coordination with the folks in Ohara Isumi City to consider.”

“Thank you all.”

Please contact the DSCI office if interested. P:218.727.8375