Local Dan Stine Reflects on Visit to Växjö, Sweden with Family

Back in October, Duluthian Dan Stine and his family visited our Växjö, Sweden and set out on an adventure to explore our Swedish Sister City. Here is what he shared with us:

Just following up to let you know we had a great visit in Växjö Sweden this week. We spent most of a day there. We had both good and bad luck finding the sister city stone sculpture. We parked near the cathedral and walked into a café. No employee was readily available, so I asked a patron siting at a table, an older gentlemen, if he knew anything about the Duluth Sister City sculpture. Well, not only did he know, his friend created the sculpture. Plus, he had visited Duluth 25 years ago himself. He then hand drew a map to the sculpture. The bad-news part is that we could not initially find the sculpture based on his sketch – it was slightly off (but very close).

Well, as luck would have it, another person who visited Duluth as a young soccer player was able to help! We decided to have lunch and then visit the emigrant and glass museums. I figured, correctly, that the staff at the museum would be able to help us locate the sculpture. Turns out, of the two ladies helping, one was a high school student, working at the museum for school credit. They gave us a detailed city map and highlighted the exact location of the sculpture.

Although it would seem everyone in Växjö knew about Duluth and the sculpture, such was truly not the case. During our first attempt to find the sculpture, I talked to nearly two dozen walkers on a lakewalk and in a park. Although very friendly, none of them had heard of Duluth or knew anything about the sculpture! Maybe our questions will peak their interest.

However, we had a great time in Växjö, including a nice lunch, dinner and museum visit. It was well worth the couple extra hours drive on our trip from Oslo, Norway, via Gothenburg, Sweden, to Copenhagen, Denmark.

We (the Stines; Dan, Cheri, Kayla and Carter) have now visited three of the five Sister Cities; Thunder Bay, Petrozavodsk and now Växjö.

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