122 Conversations in Petrozavodsk, Russia

DSCI is excited to announce the opening of Anne Labovitz’s project 122 Conversations in Petrozavodsk, Russia at the Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall! The exhibit will run until mid-June of this year and will feature the works inspired by conversations with citizens from each of Duluth’s Sister Cities (shown in the slideshow above) in addition to multiple interactive art projects that allow for anyone visiting the exhibit to add their mark.

The exhibit has already traveled to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (September-October 2015); Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan (January-February 2017); and Växjö, Sweden (March 2017) before making it’s way to Petrozavodsk.

122 Conversations is slated to visit the last Sister City, Ohara Isumi-City, Japan in January of next year before returning to the Tweed Museum of Art in Duluth, MN in the fall of 2018.



Rania Delegation Send Off Party Saturday, November 12

Delegation to Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan
And fundraiser for the library project in kobane, rojava, syria
1111 N. 11TH  AVE E.
DULUTH, MN 55805
218 722-2231
SUGGESTED DONATION: $20. (no one will be turned  away for lack of funds)

Please join us as we celebrate through dance and music the next sister city delegation to Rania,  Iraqi Kurdistan. The 6 member delegation will be visiting the Raparin Unviversity, Rania high schools, the Rania Youth Center, the Rayal Center as well as other places in and around Rania. The group will also bring Anne Labovitz’s “122 Conversations” artwork for  its  display in Rania.  The delegation leaves for Rania in January.
The proceeds from this dance will go towards  the library project in Kobane, Syria. In 2015, Kurdish soldiers liberated the  Kurdish city of Kobane from ISIS control. Refugees from Kobane, some of whom were living in  Rania, returned home. 70% of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed. An appeal was put out to help them rebuild so they can remain in their home. The city has remained under Kurdish control for close to 2 years. Over this past year, many  Duluth citizens have contributed towards the building
Dances will be led by  our friends from the Kurdish Community of America, Moorhead MN and Terence Smith and band from Duluth MN. No experience is necessary. It is fun and easy, family friendly, and made for all ages.

122 Conversations Update!

The excerpt below is from Anne Labovitz’s newsletter this month. She is moving forward with 122 Conversations and dates have been set for most of our sister cities. This is exciting news!

“Plans for 122 Conversations continue! Opening dates have been set for the next three locations: Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan, Växjö, Sweden and Petrozavodsk, Russia (see below). Due to shipping and customs concerns, the exhibition has undergone some very exciting changes. The central pieces are now created using Tyvek (yes, Tyvek!) as it is very light weight and can be transported easily (see large picture above). Discovering new materials, experimenting with them and creating art is a process that thrills and invigorates me. Utilizing this process for 122 Conversations is not only exciting but vital to the success of this unique and treasured project.”

Delegation to Ohara Isumi-City in 2017

Please see the message below from Ohara Isumi-City Committee Chair Gale Kerns:

“I have been in communication with Wakako and the Sister City people in Ohara Isumi-city for several months now, discussing the timing of a delegate visit next year.  Last week she indicated that a visit by a delegation of 10 persons in Late October or early November 2017 would be ideal.  So I would like to start working on that. I am thinking that we would arrive on Day 1, have Days 2 – 7 in Ohara, and leave on Day 8.  That would be the official visit.  Some have suggested that they might want to tour parts of Japan on their own before or after the official visit, and that certainly can be done privately.  There are lots of possibilities. I have spoken with Mayor Larson earlier this summer, and she could not commit to being part of the delegation at that time.  I believe that there will be delegate visits to Sweden and Russia as well in 2017, and the mayor will be invited to go on all three – that will simply not be possible for her. But there will be someone appointed by her in attendance.”

“At this time I would like to know who is interested in being a part of this delegation.  Once we know that we can arrange some meetings to decide how to proceed.  I know it sounds a long ways off, but these arrangements do take time, particularly when we have the additional coordination with the folks in Ohara Isumi City to consider.”

“Thank you all.”

Please contact the DSCI office if interested. P:218.727.8375 E:dsci@duluthmnsistercities.org