An exciting combination of idyllic university town and center of entertainment, Växjö is a strong regional center in the middle of southern Sweden, with close to 80,000 people inhabiting the city. Växjö, a Sister City since 1987, lies in the midst of the Kingdom of Crystal. Here you can see the world-class glass being blown at Kosta, Orrefors and many other area glass factories. Its commitment to sustainability has earned Växjö the title of “Greenest City in Europe.” Along with many cultural, academic, and sports exchanges, our Växjö Sister City relationship assisted in developing a joint international software agreement that created jobs and economic development in Duluth.

The Växjö Committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 4:00PM in the DSCI Office. Please call or e-mail the office for more information about how to get involved!

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Duluth Växjö Soccer Exchange

Begun as a youth exchange through Duluth Sister Cities International, the Duluth-Växjö Soccer Exchange has grown into it’s own 501(c)3 organization. Every other year youth from Duluth and Växjö travel back and forth between Sweden and the U.S., meeting lifelong friends and using soccer as tool for cross-cultural understanding.

In 2017 Duluth athletes traveled to Växjö to meet their host families and compete, 2018 will be a hosting year.

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Växjö Soccer Exchange